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The Roundup
6 July 2011
Round and Round and Up and Down
Where has the time gone? So much has happened since our last update I almost don't know where to begin. We found ourselves hit with ill health this season and as a result we were prevented from running to taste. 2015 will see us return in full force in all areas "horsey".

  Our first foal crop made their debuts this past season with Summer quickly becoming our Star of Crop and Lucky right behind her. The second crop joins them to give us 13 starters for 2015: 7 girls and 6 boys.

 Civil War retired to the shed and is joined by EoY Auction purchases Likable American and Perfect Affair. We have leased 4 additional mares and booked to 3 outside studs for a grand total of 10 scheduled pairings; foals due 2015.  

 Our mare barn is one less this Spring after the loss of Marscay's Princess. I feel it more keenely now it's breeding season than I have in all the past year. Roo makes her start this season and Reg next year so I'll be kept busy, but it's not really the same is it?

 The Bloodstock manager, as always, is working overtime in preparation for the new foals. All the barn managers have been pulling double shifts  to get all the stall charts finished and posted - we somehow wound up very much behind on that, but have made rapid progress in the past few weeks.  

 Website Admin has been working almost 'round the clock overhauling the entire site. Looking at the progress she has made in just the last week leaves no doubt as to what happened to all the farm's coffee.

 Still so very much to do before the foals begin arriving - which should be any day now. Don't know how we'll get ait all done if it lasts into the season.

 Happy New Year 2015!


Posted by flyingfancyfree at 10:36 PM EDT
Updated: 6 July 2011 10:39 PM EDT
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25 January 2010
New Year, New Check

3 Feb 2013

Enigma...what can I say that hasn't been said already? Dead last and hurt - again - small consolation he managed a 62 PSR. No more Graded starts for him, but finding a half-decent Ungraded Turf Sprint is going to be a trial.

Millie came in near the back in the Truly Bound with a 65 PSR. Almost 15 lengths off the winner who went on to show in a G2 four weeks later. We're okay with this, though that 3 month layoff may have been a bit too long for comfort.

Also near the back was Copacabana. Carrying career and race 2nd-high weight he still managed to post his career 2nd-high PSR of 73. He showed his potential with giving 24 pounds to the winner. The Field granted up to 31 lbs to that win whcih garnered quite a few sour grapes at post time.

Seattleswale ran gamely in his first start in 26 months to finish just out of the money. Landing 6th of 9 while carrying Top Weight, he posted PSR=69 to the winner's Track Record setting PSR=102. We are very proud of this effort and look eagerly ahead to his next start.

Card 2 saw two more races for us; this time with kickback!

Light Touch joined another maiden mare in the ungraded Farley Stakes Jan 28. Running over 6.5f on Belmont's turf course, they had their tails handed to them by Newsham Lodge's Multiple Graded-placed colt. 11 lengths back garnerd a 46 PSR that was likely skewed by the winning 73. $8,750 for 2nd pays the feed for now, but that $21,000 would have come in mighty handy.

Sundance brough in our second check with a Show in an Ungraded Maiden at Shenandoah. Outclassed, we are nontheless very proud of her effort.

Everyone except Enigma came back sound this month and even his was minor. A slight rework of schedules brings us into February with March in our sights.

Next up is Livewire in the ungraded Happy Ticket Stakes at Fair Grounds. 8 pre-entries at press time with 3 carrying Scratch instructions, only 2 we see as definitive threats. 6f on the dirt for 3 year old fillies and we think she can pull off check #3.

Last to start in this new season is our much vaunted Graded winner Swain's Gold. This younger brother to the famous Heat Seeker is really starting to show his stuff and we hope he'll continue all the way to the circle at Rosehill Gardens. That's right: Goldie's going international! The 1 3/16m Grade 2 Hill Stakes is his mark and the only real concern we have is that he didn't much care for this track a year ago. 1 of 5 preentered with 1 filly and 1 carrying scratch notes.

After first publicizing to Fin (owner of FDL Lodge and Heat Seeker) that Goldie would be runnig, we received a tip from JD (former owner of Livewire, and good buddy) about the Mackinnon Stakes in March. A $400,000 Grade 1 over 1 1/4 mile Flemington turf may be just the ticket to earn Goldie his Black Type. If he comes out sound (after 2 months there's no reason why he shouldn't) and doesn't totally get his tail handed to him, then Flemington may indeed be our next stop.

The foals are growing nicely and gaining both independance and brass. The only one still lacking a stall chart is Monty, though it is in development and should be up soon. The yearlings are all glossy and full of themselves and will be learning what a track and gate are very soon. Gate cards are scheduled to be earned late summer or early fall. The studs graze contentedly in their paddocks while the mares snooze in the sun. Princess is starting to show her age and we've had to call the vet out twice already. This may be her last season, though it'll break our hearts if anything happens to her.

The Bloodstock Manager is hard at work on taillines again, and in trying to deduce why two consecutive route-route pairings gave us sprinters. Most of the new stock and one or two foals are still lacking Tail Line reports so she's working on finalizing those for publication.

Between the active racers and prepping the yearlings our Head Trainer is also hard at work. He hopes for many purses and a clean Gate test...and many clean vet checks...for the future.

Our recent jockey roster change seems to have had a positive effect as more of our runners are managing to bring in checks. Oddly enough the 'bug' on Maiden more than earned his keep last season and will be getting a crack at both Chief and Cop later this year.

Portions of our website required patching so our Web Administrator set aside an entire weeked (3 whole days!) to redesign portions of said site. She's done a fabulous job so be sure to visit and up the "visitor"'ll make her day!

Card 3 is up and will roll this comming weekend. Happy Raceing!

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 12:18 PM EST
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6 January 2010
January 2013: Horses at the Gate

Pre-entries are lining up for the first card of the new season. Mayhaps a bit ambitious, but we have 4 runners vanning out. 3 boys and a girl, 2 established CF runners and 2 new, 3 dirts and a turf, 2 sprints and 2 longer runs - sounds a lot worse than it is.

First start of 2013 goes to Enigma in the Grade 2 Sian's Gold Sprint running New Year's Day at Santa Rosa Park. 4th pre-entry over 6 furlong weeds, he's training well and should be up to the challenge.

Second up is new race-mare Millenium Tower on January 3. We are fervently hoping third time's the charm as Millie follows Revotic and Our Maiden into the Truly Bound Handicap. Not too sure she'll like the larger field, but she's been asking to lengthen and we feel she deserves the chance (Miler tendancies not withstanding).

January 12 sees the return of Copacabana to Shenandoah Downs. An ungraded dirt route should be a nice warm up for (what we hope will be) his season to shine. Cop's 2 highest PSR's were in sprints, but he's really wanting to go long. One last shot before we dedicate him.

Hopefully we can pull a repeat of Our Maiden when Seattleswale hits the track after a very long layoff - and please let it happen a bit sooner this time. "Chief" has had 2 years to romp and play and is chomping at his bit to get back to work. This handsome gent is now the ripe old age of 7 and (along with a check or two) we're hoping for an "older runner" award from him...along with the hopes that he still has something left, of course. With 4 wins and nearly a half-million in winnings Chief has nothing left to prove; the game now is in not ruining him. Chief is pre-entered to the Jan 12 Pelican Stakes and will ship the 2 hours to Tampa from our winter quarters.

First card rolls this weekend. Good luck everyone, but not too good.

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 10:57 AM EST
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15 December 2009
January 2013

The foals have arrived!!!!

Major changes abounded for our breeding schedule this season due to purchasing just a bit more than intended at End of Year Auction.

Past PF Dirt Champ Bombed Out came to us with a $13,000 sticker price and immediately took up residence in stall 3 of Barn 4. His Stud flyer prompted Josh Kayll to phone with a request to change bookings from PG. Naturally we had no objection to the switch though we were delightfully surprised at just whom he sent over. The very lovely Whisperwood mare Devil's Halo dropped an equally lovely grey colt for Bomber's second born of his first crop. We're certain Josh's hopes for his colt are just as high as ours are for Bomber's filly out of Our Maiden. "Amy" is a very leggy foal and looks like she may top out much taller than either of her parents.

Yup, Maiden's book changed again; she's seeing PG for sure next year. Speaking of book changes:

Marscay's Princess was quite happy staying up in KY while the other mares shipped to our new Winter-and-Breeding quarters in made for a much shorter shipping to KY-based Hopewell Farm for her date with (are you ready?...) Skip Away. This big grey bullet on dirt and our very lovely lady gave us one beautiful grey baby this season. The Bloodstock Manager could be heard whooping it up 3 counties over when the vet announced "it's a girl." Skip A Roo ("Roo") is a lovely pale steel grey and has already made fast friends with delicate "Dee Dee."

Double Down by PG out of Eight Pack is our wall-flower, she's also this season's shortest of crop. That's ok, though, she's also the cutest foal I think I've seen in a long time. She got her momma's pretty splashed face and her daddy's sloping shoulder and we have high hopes for her at the track (when do we not have high hopes?)

Cajun Sunrise is our other PG filly. "Sunny" is a lovely classic bay with a star and two low socks and looks every bit the future champion...her 'boss mare' 'tude has caused some problems with Roo, but they're working it out.

This year saw Thunder joining PG in the shed and covering Whisperwood lease Justice. This lovely Revenge mare gave us an even more lovely dark chestnut colt for Thunder's first and (so far) only. His registered name, Astrapios, translates as "Zeus" in an obscure dialect - fitting for the son of Roll of Thunder-Justice (Revenge). As expected, he's already showing a preference for the weeds. His stable name is "Monty," for Mount Olympus the traditional home of Zeus the King of Gods.

This season's pride and joy is the handsome black son of Skim the Hill-Revotic. Gangadhar Rao is gleaming black with a narrow blaze and 3 low socks. Named for a Ruler of India he is fittingly nicknamed "Sultan." Sultan is 2nd born of this season's crop and looks to top out at Tallest of Crop, he also gives us our second consecutive black (2 for 2!) from CF foundation mare Revotic. Sultan isn't showing a prefrence, but does get off very quickly in 'foal charges.' We were hoping for a distance horse here, but maybe he'll bring home a sprint title for us.

What's that? "Who's Eight Pack?" Why, she's our new broodmare. Picked up at EoY Auction she shipped home with Bomber and new racers Seattleswale ("Chief"), Millenium Tower ("Millie"), and Livewire. Sundance was also purchased to run, though at "private" auction earlier in the season.

26 horses. 8 racers, 7 breeders, 5 yearlings, 6 foals. 3 whites, 3 blacks, 3 greys, 3 chestnuts, 3 browns, 11 bays. My single favorite passtime is looking out my office window at all the gleaming coats set against the dew-covered green pasture and white fenceline.

Happy New Year, y'all! When do we race?

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 9:11 AM EST
Updated: 25 January 2010 12:12 PM EST
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10 September 2009
What a summer!!

November 2012

Where has the year gone? Is it really already breeding season?

In a moment of desperation, Bluegrass Thorn was put up for auction. With no takers he vanned back home to become a little snot in retaliation. Let's hope he likes the winner's circle better than the sales ring.

Swain's Gold has really become our Stable Star. 10th of 12 in the KY Derby, he's picked up 2 wins and a third since. Two of those were at the Graded levels. Goldie is currently sporting $321,000 18: 3-1-1; he's not scheduled for anything though he may run once more sometime in December.

Roll of Thunder finally earned back his purchase price with a 3rd (on dirt, no less) at Woodlands. He's likely past his peak and we find ourselves with a decision: one more go at the track or off to see the mares? He currently boasts $377,850 36:5-4-5 and will start again in the John Dee Lee stakes at Victoria Park. He'll be facing his big brother, Samurai Thunder (2006, Thunder Arctic) so be sure to watch - we will be.

Enigma knocked our collective socks off with a win in his last start. Running at Ascot over 6 firm fulongs, he took the HG Bolton Sprint by over a length to bring home $21,000. Proud is an understatement as corks were heard popping from two farms over. He now claims $87,500 23:1-1-3 and will start again 1 Dec in a 6 furlong Allowance at Shenandoah.

Our replacement lady runner, Our Maiden, was anything but at purchase and has racked up another win for both herself and us. Running a minute-and-a-half mile Starter Allowance in the slop at Shenandoah netted $24,000 and her third check in a row. Did I mention she won by nearly 8 1/2 lengths? She's spent the last couple of months at Shenandoah and will start there again 1 Dec.

Our Maiden has some feminine company now with our recent acquisition Light Touch. This pretty bay filly is our third Hutton buy and we are fervently hoping she does as well as the others. She's been mostly run as a miler, though she's training nicely as a turf sprint prospect. Look for her in late December.

With the addition of Light Touch, 3 Year Old Copacabana can no longer boast "only maiden in the barn" status. He's running nicely, though not quite as nicely as we would like. He may still be a late bloomer, so he'll get one more season to prove himself. He's fabulously bred and I'd really hate to see that go to waste.

Marscay's Princess has settled in very nicely, though Revotic is still being a bit anti-social. We had considered letting Our Maiden join them, but her recent win left us wondering about next year. We also have Light Touch, though she'll run one more season, and we've placed a bid on a sharp looking filly over at (guess who?) Hutton's. Am I the only one seeing a pettern here? Maybe we need to draft a standing contract with Jim. We've expanded to 15 stalls and are planning a new barn in time for breeding season.

Speaking of breeding season, our plans for Princess have changed slightly. The Bloodstock manager was all in a tither until she realized just who was in mind instead of PG. We're in negotiations and will post the stud just as soon as everything is official.

Revotic will be off to see Bally Doyle's handsome gent Skim the Hill. All the way to England she goes...we're undecided if she'll stay to foal there or if we're going to chance the return trip.

Our Maiden, if she retires, will be seeing Perfect Goer. Their styles should compliment nicely and we're hoping he helps with her short wind. Martika (from Snowbank) will also be seeing PG if we can finalize that lease agreement with Laurie. She's a tough negotiator and Martika is going to cost us dearly, though it's worth it for a La Troienne. Did I mention Martika is out of Marscay's Princess? That lease is the main reason  why Princess' plans changed.

I have to mention Olmo Dorato here, as he scored HUGE in the breeding game this season. He managed to get Champion filly Rags to Riches AND book her to 2 x HotY Curlin. That should be one monster foal. He's also got Barbaro x Wait A While and Dubai Mellinium x Azeri....maybe I should just take 2015-2017 and hide in the barn?

All the foals are growing nicely, filling out and musceling up. Unforgiv'n ("Sassy") is our short, black, stayer - always easy to find with her "shadow" the snow white Perfect Summer. Lord help me as that filly is the single most difficult horse to keep clean. Summer is drawn to mud like a moth to a flame and it's driving our grooms to distraction. Let's hope all that time in the mud hole will bode well for her track campaign.

Brothers Bluegrass Thorn and Perfect Charmer ("Lucky") are doing right nicely in keeping His Highness the Royal Pain at bay. Prince Stephen has really made a name for himself as a terror; there's one groom in particular that can't get near him for fear of her life. We are very much hoping he turns into a John Henry for us. Though Prince's breeding is a bit better that John's was, his disposition is just as dark. John overcame humble beginnings to become one of the best racers in history and that is our hope for Prince.

Only two more weeks to go then it's breeding season! Here's hoping we win enough to cover all the fees. We've already won enough to break even for our statup costs and it only took two seasons to do so.

See you at the track!

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 10:47 AM EDT
Updated: 10 September 2009 12:26 PM EDT
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12 May 2009
Running for RED Roses....

 1 May 2012 

Just before vanning over to the Downs who should arrive but the Princess, herself.  Naturally Rev is thrilled to have a pasture buddy, though she could do without the competition for attention. We took some time to get her settled before heading out with the boys; Goldie is entered, though Cop is not.

Looking at the bottom line it seems it may be time to cut some overhead. Toying with the idea of selling a runner and a foal, though it breaks my heart to do so. Likely Enigma (though Cop is a possibility), and possibly one of the colts though wich one is the single most agonizing choice I've had to date. Knock on wood that Goldie brings a check so everyone can stay safe at home where they belong.

 Running for home, running for gold, and running for Red with the Run for the Roses.  Wish us luck.

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 4:20 PM EDT
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2 May 2009
March 2012 Race Recap

On to Churchill Downs!!

Swain's Gold blew us away - along with the field - when he came home on top by 2 1/2 in the G2 San Felipe Stakes at Santa Anita. $150,000 is our largest purse to date, but we are fervently hope it doesn't stay that way for long. The Downs on the first Saturday in May is Goldie's next stop on the road to glory.

Copacabana didn't do as well as hoped with a next-to-last in the G3 Louisiana Derby May 18. As it's starting to look like he may be a late bloomer, we may be holding him for the Belmont. He'll van with Goldie, but whether he runs is yet to be decided.

Thunder tried gamely in the G2 San Louis Rey, but it was just a bit too soon as he came back dead last and limping. He'll be stepped back in levels after a nice sense breaking down such a nice horse. Watch for him in Late April or May.

Maiden finished in the middle of her 15-starter Allowance field on March 10. PSR=71 at 6.5 furlongs so she will be starting again...just haven't decided when, yet.

 Enigma somehow got lost in the shuffle and hasn't started since January so he's next. Race hasn't been selected, yet, but it should be sometime soon.

Marscay's Princess has yet to arrive and we're beginning to wonder what's keeping her. Maybe a visit to the quaranteen barn is in order? The foals are growing like the little weeds that they are; Sassy still showing her stuff (and her heels) over distance and Prince still being a Royal Pain. Weaning will begin just as soon as we get back from Elmont Park (assuming we make it that far) and it will be a busy Summer all around.

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 11:25 PM EDT
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30 March 2009
Jan 2012 Race Recap

4 out, no checks back, Swain's Gold still to start.

Our Maiden went off first in the Truly Bound Handicap. She finished near the back, but still managed to post a PSR of 82. Looks like she's out of shape, but she still has some speed. She'll likely start again in Februrary.

Copacabana was next with the Grade 3 Holy Bull Stakes. His 7th place finish was disappointing, but his PSR is showing a marked improvement. Possibly March for his next start.

 The Heatherlie Handicap at Caulfield was next on the agenda with Roll of Thunder. Thunder came out badly injured, but still managed to post a PSR of 90 in a Track Record setting race. We've contacted neighbor Lane's End to see about borrowing their pool for his recuperation. Hopefully he'll bounce back in full. Next start won't be before March.

Enigma also came back lame, but thankfully his seems to just be a twisted ankle. Poor Enigma was sadly outclassed in the Grade 2 Memsie Stakes - my own stupidity, really, as I meant to enter him in the Allowance. I neglected to verify the entry and he had to suffer for it. He should bounce back quickly, but his PSR of 48 has me thinking longer breaks and shorter races.

Swain's Gold will be going off shortly. He's currently Pre-entered in the Grade 2 Gloaming Stakes at Rosehill Garden, though that may still change before post time. The Gloaming runs over weeds 11 Feb.

 Congratulations to all those who brought in checks this month, better luck to those who did not (including us).

The babies are growing nicely and some new pictures have been posted to the 2012 Scrapbook page. The Bloodstock Manager has been working overtime again; her current project is color genetics though she's still working on Tail Lines. While pouring over some old records, she managed to dig up Revotic's original Jockey Club application. Much to the Boss's delight, a foal picture of Rev was attached!

We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Marscay's Princess and are beginning preparations to add Thunder to Barn 4. Maiden and Enigma may also be going to the shed, but that's still dependant on how they run this season.

Gp, Baby, Go! See you at the track!!

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 9:54 AM EDT
Updated: 30 March 2009 10:24 AM EDT
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20 March 2009
Let the good times roll!!

PF 1st week of January 2012 

The entries have closed for the first two weeks of the new say we're anxious would be an understatement.

Cop is getting his first big test in the G3 Holy Bull Stakes for 3-year-old's. the Holy Bull is often considered to be one of the Derby Prep races and that's exactly what we are using it for. he likely won't start again until late Februrary or March as we don't want him to burn out before the big day. Goldie may also be headed to The Downs, but as he prefers turf that decision is still up in the air. Goldie faces his first start in early February. Interestingly, Goldie is sporting shorter odds than Cop for the First Saturday in May...

Our Maiden joined the Track Brigade this month with a ride over to Fairgrounds for the Truly Bound Handicap for older ladies. Nice little ungraded romp to help remind the ol' girl what she's really supposed to be doing; enough playtime, time to get back to work. Her past runs and her bloodlines suggest that she could have been graded-caliber, but she likely lost her best shot at that goofing off at EV; if we're super lucky maybe we can get a G3 with her. She'll be run easy this year as she was mainly picked up to breed later on.

Thunder has already proven himself, but as we feel he still has one good season in him he'll be joining the Track Brigade as well. He's entered for the fourth week of January, though the race may change as we get closer to post time. This is another one that we don't want to burn in anticipation of shed-work later on.

Enigma rounds out our Track Brigade with a start in late January. He's going over for a maiden sprint at Shenandoah; early entries suggest a rematch with JD Kayll's Handsome Bane. Enigma finished 4th in his last start (G3 Missile Stakes) soundly tromping an 8th place effort by Bane and naturally we hope for a repeat performance out of Enigma. His entry looks pretty much set, but anything can happen and may change if we feel the need.

Of course our team is less one with the retirement of Revotic. Rev is The Boss's personal favorite though Unforgiv'n runs a very tight second. Rev's sassy black filly looks every inch the future champion and we have very high hopes for her. All the foals have been awarded stall charts and stable names and Unforgiv'n has been christened "Sassy" by the staff.

Sassy's pasture buddy is her polar opposite Perfect Summer. Summer is the snow white daughter of PG and Junebug and is the spitting image of her mother.  Watching the black and white fillies streak about the paddock is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day's work.

The boys are another matter. Bluegrass Thorn, Prince Stephen, and Perfect Charmer are the classic rough-housing "boys will be boys." Prince especially likes to bully the others; as the oldest that's not entirely unexpected. He's starting to get a nickname change though...instead of "Prince Charming" some of the grooms on the receiving end of his temper have started referring to him as The Royal Pain. Watch out for those teeth: if he doesn't like you, you won't sit for a week.

 Thorn is our Tallest of Crop and uses that height to his advantage over Prince.  Prince can outrun most everyone on the farm at short distances but as Thorn can outstride and out-stay him Prince has decided not to bully our biggest colt. Lucky is another matter entirely, though.

Perfect Charmer was nicknamed by the daughter of one the grooms - her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms. Lucky he wasn't when Prince took an almost instant dislike to him; he needed "big" brother Thorn to be his bodyguard. Fortunately the damage is not severe, nor is it lasting, and the colts seem to have gotten it all worked out (finally!).

Rev may be getting company in Barn 3 before too much longer. We expect to close soon on the transfer of Marscay's Princess from Foxie's Lodge -- then again, there's always quarantine to fret over as she ships in from Australia.

 Many things planned, many things begun, and many things continued lend to the hope that 2012 far surpasses 2011. Being published in Australia as the Top Story will only aid in that quest ("Could Swain's Gold finish the Heat's business?" The Aussie Connection). Onward and Upward! Run, Baby, Run!

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 4:48 PM EDT
Updated: 30 March 2009 10:22 AM EDT
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28 February 2009
Bloodstock Manager

Mares are all in foal and safely in their stalls. PG is calmed, groomed, blanketed, and tucked away. The barns are swept and the breeding gear stored for another season. Foaling kits are by each stall and the vet is on speed dial. Nothing left to do but wait.

I hate waiting.

I've decided to be productive; I did some more work on the Tail Line review. I added all our current breeders and their families, plus a few more that I had missed last time. Did some additional research for the Boss and logged the haplotypes -- with the exception of Jewel Princess. She's Family 23 and they didn't get typed as part of the Databse project, but I have everyone else's.

Naturally I'm thrilled at Foxie sending a La Troienne mare our way -- more than makes up for not getting Rose. Boss says we may still be able to close with Glenmore, but I get to fuss over Marscay's Princess until then.

Marscay and Princess Rooney AND La Troienne? I've done died and gone to Bloodstock heaven. I can't wait for next season when I get to couple her with PG...what a nice baby that one will be.

My eyes are blurred and my head is swimming from Tail Line review so I guess it's time for a break...Is it really dinner time?

Maybe pizza is in order...I wonder what specials Domino's has this week...

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 3:57 PM EST
Updated: 28 February 2009 4:08 PM EST
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