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20 Oct, 08 > 26 Oct, 08
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TL Families 1-28
19 October 2008

primary  Family # (as defined by Lowe) - mtDNA haplotype - any additional  haplotypes

family subdivision # (Tap Root mare)

PF  horse name, sex ((stud and mare are breedable, colt and filly are  not - regardless of age, active racers will be listed as  colt/filly))

**Additional  notes/comments

---Generally the first haplotype  listed will be the only one for that family,  though some families  do have multiple haplotypes.  If 2 or more haplotypes are  listed  [#] will designate if that haplotype belongs with a different family.  ex.  Family 1 has 2 haplotypes, the first is the correct type while  the second  belongs to a different family.

Discrepencies  in mtDNA haplotypes are mostly because a female ancestor was  incorrectly  recorded. It should be noted that some haplotypes belong to multiple  familes (primarily due to common ancestress that was lost to time),  though it is  generally one type-one family. See respective **comments  for additional  information.

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 6:18 PM EDT
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Who's Your Momma? Pt 1 (1-10)

Family 1 (H haplotype; **F [fam 16])

1 (Tregonwell's Natural Barb Mare)

 Easy Goer, stud;

1-a (Bonnie Lass)

Genuine Belle, filly; Genuine Difference, colt; Genuine Maiden, mare; Genuine Risk, mare; Heartbreaker, filly; Leading Edge, colt; Our Maiden, filly; Your Majesty, colt;

  1-c (Mustard)

 Affirmation, stud; Affirmative, stud; Beat the Clock, colt; Bourbon, colt; Cayotic,    colt; Chicago Suzerain, colt; China Poetry, stud; Ciompo Grullo, colt; Contiuum, filly;   Double Easy, colt; Dusty Wildcat, stud; Exotic, mare; Exotic Dancer, colt; Duceren,   colt; First Lady, filly; Gentle Touch, colt; Handsome Politics, colt; Imperative, colt;   Liberty Coup, filly; Liberty D'etat, filly; Maddin Amir, colt; Norma Rae, filly;  Plinth,   colt; Poetic License, filly; Ponentina, mare; Potento, colt; Presidential Sweet, filly;   Renaissance, colt; Restrained Fury, colt; Reverberate, colt; Revotic, mare; Sardula,   mare; Satin Cat, mare; Smooth Dancer, filly; South Beach, filly; Storm Point, mare;   Storm Bell, colt; Tuscany Bay, colt; Vice President, mare;

1-d (Promise)

 All Along, mare; All Ocay, filly; All Sheba, stud; Black Legacy, colt; Cinderella, filly;   Dagger, colt; Homemade Ice Cream, filly; Notify All, mare; Follow Me, colt; Machen,   colt; Pleasant Note, filly; Shame on Me, colt; Success for All, stud; Under Attack,colt;

1-g (Problem)

 Beautiful Dreamer, colt; Confrontation, stud; Inspiration, filly; King of Midnight, colt;   Sky Beauty, mare; Vixen, mare;

1-l (Paraffin)

 Argument, colt; Atlas, colt; Azeri, mare; Belleza Escondida, mare; Brilliant, stud; Distant Drums, stud; Drago Alato, colt; Estrecho, colt; Everlasting Piece, filly; Excellent Point, colt; Flawless, mare; Heiress, filly; Ideally, filly; Islander, colt; Isildur, colt; Just A Girl, mare; Riobamba, colt; Smarty Joe, colt; Soul Sound, colt; Stephen Got Even, stud; Welsh Daredevil, colt; Welsh Diva, mare;  Zach Attack, colt;

1-n (Chelandry)

 Balding Matters, stud; Jumping Jean, filly; Stardom, colt;

1-s (Web)

 Vindication, stud;

1-u (descendants of Maid of the Glen, type F)

1-x (La Troienne)

 Andros, colt; Beautiful Liar, filly; Border, colt; Bottega dei Sogni, filly; Ciclone, colt;   Decameron, colt; Energia Atomica, filly; Horizon, colt; Influential, mare; Intoxicated,   colt; Jailbreaker, colt; Marscay's Belle, mare; Marscay's Princess, mare; Martika, mare; Memorantial, colt; Noxious, colt; Princess Hour, filly; Prince Majestic, colt;   Princely Hall, stud; Princess Belle, filly; Seclusion, filly; Secret Son, colt;

**Type F 1 includes RdC Illuminata and 2008 Eclipse Winner Conduit (1-l), Blushing John (1-l, sire of Blushing K D), Old Snap, Why Not (1), Messenger (1), and Hambeltonian (1).

**Type F 1-o (Penelope by Trumpator) seems to be well on its way to establishing a new branch off of Queen Ban (ch f 1880 King Ban) or one of her daughters by way of decendants Ellen's Best, War Relic, Hail to All, and Champion filly Rachel Alexandra. 1-o also includes 1868 Ascot Gold Cup winner Blue Gown, 1922 KY Derby Winner Morvich, and 1958 Belmont Stakes winner and HotY Sword Dancer.
**Type F 1-u traces to Maid of the Glen and  includes: Bernborough (1939); Todman (1954); Vimy (1952), influential  in France, Ireland and Japan; and  1,000 Guineas winners Ma Biche  and Waterloo, among others.  * MotG may have been juxtaposed with Lady Alice (fam 16)

Family 2 (F haplotype [fam 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 22])

2-c (Atalanta by Matchem)

 Autobahn, colt; Bahai Honda, colt; Blue World, mare; Croatian Princess, filly;    Differencial, colt; Enigma, colt; Fields of Marscay, colt; Ghost Ship, colt; Indecent   Proposal, filly; Jethro, stud; King Louie, stud; Machete, stud; Mannington, mare;    Moet, stud; Nantucket, colt; Rasta Battlefield, filly; Sheraton, stud; Smart Habit, filly;

2-f (Hyacinthus Mare)

 Druid's Spell, stud;

2-g (Lady Evelyn)

 Bayonet, stud;

2-j (Imperieuse)

 Blitzkrieg, stud; Fush n Chups, mare; Knight Hawk, stud;

2-n (Alexander Mare)

 Bold Bug, colt; Cometa d'Oriente, filly; Doccia Fredda, filly; Eroe Leggendario. colt; Junebug, mare; Point Given, stud; Prince Junebug, colt; Touch Gold, stud;

2-r (Election Mare)

 Beamington, stud;

2-s (Orville Mare)

 A Bus, stud;

**Type F 2 includes: Indian Blessing (2008 Eclipse, 2-b), Northern Dancer, Teddy (2-n), The Tetrarch (2-o), Sundridge, Sea-Bird (2-n), Gainsborough (2-n), and Meld

Family 3 (E haplotype, Dam of the Two True Blues)

3-l (Mayonaise)

 After Justice, colt; Also Ran, colt; Always Rosie, filly; Arkham State, colt; Bloody Rich, filly; Davona Dale, mare; Delusional, mare; Demoness, mare; Diabla, mare; Eldorado, colt; Hell Hath No Fury, mare; Jedi Jazz, colt; Lamashtu, filly; Mental Edge, mare; Mind Games, mare; Mirage, filly; Money To Burn, colt; Negotiator, colt; Our Valor, colt; Pleasant Ballet, mare; Pleasant Vengeance, filly; Poetic Justice, mare; Quarterview, filly; Raging Bell, filly; Reckless, colt; Regal Son, colt; Rich Dona, mare; Savage Garden, filly; Scent Of A Winner, filly; Silverbird, filly; Silver Charm, stud; Silver Sword, colt; Sweet Angelic, mare; Undaunted, colt;

3-m (Amazon) (see also fam 19)

3-o (Black Corrie)

 Cymbydium, stud; Heat Seeker, colt; Swain's Gold, colt; Tiptoe, colt; Worldwide    Elsie, mare;

**3-l includes A.P. Indy, Hydroplane, Citation, and Lemon Drop Kid. Family 3 also includes 2008 Eclipse winner Stardom Bound (3-c)

Family 4 (J haplotype [4, 11, 13], Layton (Violet) Barb mare [O 19])

4-c (Maniac) (see also fam 19)

4-d (Manganese)

 Real Quiet, stud;

4-h (Poinsettia)

 Big Heart, colt; Big N' Tough, colt; Bold N' Honorable, stud; Gold Skimmer, colt;   Gold Studded, filly; Ice Cream n' Salsa, stud; Sovereign Belle, mare; Under the    Bridge, colt;

**Type J 4 traces to Layton Barb Mare and includes: Zenyatta (4-r), Matchem, Proud Spell (4-m), Rock Sand, Nearco, Secreto (4-d), and Ribot
**Type O: see also Family 19, O haplotype, “Violet”.

Family 5 (L haplotype; Hag - M, unique)

5 (Massey Mare, type L)

 Dark Glass, filly; Definite Gem, stud; Prized Gem, mare; Slavonija, colt; Thirteen,   colt;

5-a (descendants of Young Hag, type M)

5-b (descendants of Grey Skim, type M)

5-c (descendants of Chanoinesse, type M)

5-d (descendants of Castanea, type M)

5-e (descendants of Belvoinina, type M)

5-f (Bazajet Mare, type L)

Amanecer Dorado, colt; Bedtime Stories, colt; Blazing Risk, colt; Blueberry Hill, filly; Cold Shot, colt; Come Hither, mare; Come Vampire, colt; Delirium Tremens, colt; Desdemona, mare; Educated Risk, mare; Going Nowhere, colt; Gypsy, mare; Inferno, colt; Lazy Day, colt; Mr. Professor, stud; Navegador, colt; Songwriter, colt; Star Educator, stud; Strange Times, colt; Svarozhich, colt;

5-h (descendants of Ann of the Forest, Type L)

 Baron Gregor, stud; Summer Night, mare;

**Type L 5 traces to Massey Mare  through dau Ebony and includes: English  Triple Crown,  Gladiateur (1862); the great grey ghost,  Native Dancer (1950); the mare Rough  Shod (1944), (whose descendants include the  great English sire  Sadler's Wells (1981) and the excellent sire Nureyev (1977));  the  1898 mare Doris (and her son, dual-classic winner Sunstar, and daughter,  Epsom Oaks winner Princess Dorrie); the descendents of Oaks winner  Miami (1844),  (including English Triple Crown champoin Galtee More  (1894)), the good racehorse  and sire Djebel (1937), and American  horses Swing On (1926), Equipoise (1928),  Big Brown (5-h), 2003 BC Turf deadheat winner Johar (5-j), and the great Seabiscuit  (1933). *See also Fam 12, Young Camilla. *When compared with other  equine mtDNA  studies, the "L" haplotype matched with that of a  celtic pony, and when placed  in a phylogenetic tree in the study,  the "L" haplotype is located nearest a  horse population derived  from Europe--Connemara, Shetland, Lippizan and Belgian  haplotypes. 
**Type M 5 traces to Hag dau of (Ebony) and includes: Doncaster(1870) (sire of Bend Or);  the great broodmare sire and Epsom Derby winner Hermit (1864); all horses  descending from the important broodmare Harpsichord  (1918) (including Oaks  winner Masaka (1945), Epsom Derby winner  Kahyasi (1985), Belmont Stakes winner  and sire Gallant Man (1954)),  Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner Needles  (1953), and St.  Leger winner Son of Love (1976). *M is unique haplotype.


Family 6 (C haplotype; **Creme Cheeks - N)

6 (Old Bald Peg, type C)

6-a (descendants of Creme Cheeks, type N)

 Altair, stud; Argonath, stud; Bold N' Free, stud; Braveheart, stud; Cashew, colt; Catonahottinroof, colt; Darkyn Assassin, colt; Devil's Image, colt; Ensign Affair, colt; Ensign Day, stud; Golden Affair, filly; Krysty Wroth, filly; Latino, stud; MadridIsConfirmed, mare; Majestic Affair, colt; Nightwatch, filly; Perfect Affair, mare; Personal Ensign, mare; Porsche, colt; Private Affair, mare; Private Ensign, colt; Spanish Midnight, stud; Stella Madrid, mare; Storm Chaser, mare; Stormstruck, colt; SuperiorityComplex, stud; Taal, mare; Tiraspol, filly; Trakai, filly; Twisted, filly;

6-b (descendants of Horatia, type C)

6-c (descendants of Goosander, type C)

6-d (descendants of Constance, type C)

6-e (descendants of Fenella, type C)

A Fading Rose, filly; Boof, stud; Circusofthedamned, colt; Complete Man, colt; My Time To Shine, filly; Sanctify Yourself, mare; Stray Cat Strut, colt; Watcher's Council, colt;

6-f (descendants of Testatrix, type C)

 Case Closed, mare; Coalminersdaughter, filly; Dawn Patrol, stud; For You to Envy,   colt; Grinder's Daughter, mare; Mirage, colt; Our Boy Ronaldo, colt;  Reichenbach   Falls, colt; Roanoke, colt; Roll of Thunder, colt; Silver Chief, colt; St Bridget's Well,   mare; St Cay, colt; This is Sparta, filly;

**Type C 6 (Old Morocco Mare aka Old Peg) includes: Diomed, Grey Sovereign, Selene (dam of Hyperion, *Sickle, and  *Pharamond II).
**Type N 6-a (Creme Cheeks out of “Wyvill Roan" mare) includes: Flying Childers and his more  influential brother, Bart Childers,  and U.S. Triple  Crown winner Count Fleet. *mtDNA reveals that Creme Cheeks dam was recorded incorrectly. Documentation in support of Creme Cheeks out of Wyvill Roan mare has been located.

Family 7 (F haplotype [fam 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 22])

7 (Blacklegs Royal Mare)

 Bella, filly; Down The Drain, stud; Elfenlied, colt; Hurricane Dancer, colt; Imagine,   filly; Moon, colt; Pegasus Song, filly; Rage, stud; Rampage, stud, Rebel, colt; Reign,   mare; Revenge, stud; Serena's Peg, colt; Serena's Song, mare; The Cat's Meow, colt;

7-d (Jeu d'Esprit)

 Electric Slide, stud; Equaline, colt; Nelsons, filly; Pascaline Waltz, colt; Sumalo's Charm, stud; Wingripper, colt;

7-f (Hermione)

 A.I. Dream, filly; Freedom Dream, filly; Liquid Cocaine, filly; Lotsa Luck, colt;  Supreme Court, stud; Vengence, colt;

**Type F 7 includes: Danzig, Flying Fox, West Australian,  mare Perdita II (7-f) and her son, Persimmon (7-f).

Family 8 (F haplotype [fam 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 22])

8-c (Woodbine)

 Aeroflot, filly; Azerbaijan, filly; Chemondan, colt; Chisinau, colt; Natural Tomboy,   mare; Nature's Storm, colt; Polaroid, mare; Rough n'Tumble, stud; Ruffian's Love,   stud; Suomi, colt; Tashkent, filly;

8-f (Remembrancer Mare)

 Dawn of the Riches, filly; Rags To Riches, mare;

8-g  (Violet Melrose)

 American Encounter, stud; Bank Roll, colt; Blood Red Roses, filly; Devil's Halo,    mare; Dynamo, colt; Establishment Plan, filly; Halo's Quest, filly; Inner Peace, mare;   Likeable American, colt; Peace Pipe, colt; President Halo, stud; River Dancer, filly;   Water Nymph, filly;

8-h (Atalanta by Galopin)

 Ace Of Hearts, colt; Banshee Breeze, mare; Banshee Charm, mare; Brazil Expression, colt; Breanne's Dreams, colt; Butterfly Sneeze, colt; Cool Breeze, colt; Huset, colt; Night Breeze, filly; Pegasus ex Machina, colt; Piva, filly; Pure Heart, colt; Spectacular Breeze, mare; Unbridled Breeze, stud; Winds Of Change, stud; Zalduendo, stud;

8-k (Tipple Cyder)

Bloodbath, filly; Bloodrayne, filly; Bloodthirsty, colt; By Surprise, stud; Cugat's Lass, mare; Driftwood, stud; Nightfall, filly; Tropical Thunder, stud;

**Type F 8 includes: Sir Ivor, English Triple Crown winner Nijinsky (8-f),  Bold Ruler,  John Henry (8-c), Sunbriar (8-c), Damascus, Storm Cat (8-c), Raise a Native, Ruffian (8-c), American Triple  Crown winner Whirlaway, and Eleven-time leading sire in Italy, Havresac  II (8-h)

Family 9 (A haplotype, unique; **G [fam 12])

9 (Vintner Mare, type A)

9-a (Sister One to Mixbury, type A)

9-b (Sweepstakes Mare, Type G, fam 12)

 American Graffiti, colt; Careful Spectre, stud; Key Largo, colt; Mississauga, filly; Miss Music, mare; Missy's Bridle, stud; Missy's Mirage, mare; Musical Mirage, stud;   Mystical Island, colt; Radio Flyer, colt; Seeing Things, colt; Thyroid Storm, colt;    White Oleander, filly;

9-c (Crab Mare, type G, fam 12)

9-d (Mab, type A)

9-e (Maid of Masham, type A)

9-f (Toxopholite Mare, type A)

 Big N' Rich, stud; Champ, stud; Copacabana, colt; Free To Surf, stud; Fusaichi's    Lake, Colt; Ilknur, filly; Lakeway Dancer, stud; Mystic River, filly; Nitin Dev, colt;   Ottoman Empire, colt; Retribution, colt; Tacit, colt; Theatre of Dreams, colt; Thunder   Lake, stud; TougherThanTheBoys, mare; Turkish Diamond, filly; Turkish Lady, mare;   Vampyre's Rehvenge, colt; Wall of Sound, colt;

9-g (Young Melbourne Mare, type A)

9-h (Adelaide, type A)

**Type A 9 traces to Sister to Mixbury number one through Maid of Masham and includes: Cyllene, Start Shoot, his son  Sir Barton, Bold  Forbes, Bull Lea, Tom Rolfe, Fair Play (9-a) and Ack Ack. *A is unique haplotype.
**Type G 9-b,c  traces to Sister to Sloven (1728), dau of Sister to Mixbury number two and includes: Mumtaz Mahal, known as "the Flying Filly," and considered  one of the fastest  two-year-olds of all time; Nasrullah  and his full sister Rivaz (1943);  Royal Charger; Abernant; Mahmoud; Risen Star; and  Shergar. *These "G" variant horses derive from the  same founding mare as the three  tested in Fam 12, whose pedigrees were traced back as far  as a 1723 mare by Greyhound who was a daughter of a mare by the  Curwen Bay Barb. Three extremely  significant stallions, and many more  influential horses, descend  from the family 12 founding mare, and thus probably  carry the  "G" haplotype: they are Eclipse (1764), Lexington (1850),  and Commando (1898).  Because questions have  been raised by historians regarding Eclipse's  dam line, and because Lexington's  dam line was considered so ill-documented  by the GSB at the turn of the  20th century that he and  all but a few of his descendants were barred from entry  in the GSBin 1913, additional testing of more horses descending  from  family 12 will be of great interest.

Family 10 (B haplotype, Grey Childers Mare)

10 (Fair Helen)

10-a (Queen Mary)

10-b (Bonny Bell)

10-c (Bonnie Doon)

10-d (Braxey)

10-e (Blooming Heather)

Posted by flyingfancyfree at 6:10 PM EDT
Updated: 21 May 2009 1:26 PM EDT
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18 October 2008
Who's Your Momma? Pt 2 (11-28)

Family 11 (J haplotype [4, 11, 13]; **Young Camilla - L[fam5]; **P, unique)

11 (Sedbury Royal Mare, type J)

11-a (Scratch, type J)

11-b (descendants of Young Camilla)

11-c (Jerboa, type J)

11-d (Flight, type J)

 Feellikeanumber, stud; Thunder Gulch, stud; Withernsea, filly;

11-e (Scandal, type J)

11-f (Kermesse, type J)

11-g (descendants of Mandane; Type L, fam 5)

 Amber Violet, filly; Asso, colt; Bankrupt, colt; Bay of Plenty, colt; Bizzarro Episodio,   colt; Bo Bo the Spender, filly; Bombtrack, colt; By Moonlight, filly; Celebration,    mare; Cento Piedi, colt; Clever Yank, stud; Doge Genovese, colt; Eclisse di Luna,   colt; Festivus, colt; Kudos, filly; Mardi Gras, colt; Quarter Beat, filly; Restyle, colt;   Royal Party, colt; Sky's The Limit, colt; Spaceman, colt; Spendthrift, mare; Sphynx,   colt; Symbol, colt; The Big O, colt; Tight Asre, colt; Trick or Treat, mare; Upbeat,   mare; Virginia Yank, mare; Yanks Music, mare;

**Type J 11 (Sedbury Royal mare) includes:  St Simon, Birdcatcher, Australian, Thunder Gulch (11-d) and Acatenango
**Type L 11-g includes: Mandane  (1800), (from whom descend Oaks winner Manuella (1809),  St. Leger winners  Altisidora (1810) and Memnon (1882)), U.S. Triple  Crown winner War Admiral  (1934), and the French-bred sire Zeddaan  (1965).  *YC or a female descendant should actually trace to fam 5 Massey Mare.
**P is unique haplotype; only one horse tested in this study displayed P haplotype.


Family 12 (G Haplotype; see also fam 9)

12-b (Diana, 1754 by Cullen Arabian))

 Victory Gallop, stud;

**Type G 12: pedigrees were traced back as far  as a 1723 mare by Greyhound who was a daughter of a mare by the  Curwen Bay Barb. Three extremely  significant stallions, and many more  influential horses, descend  from the family 12 founding mare, and thus probably  carry the  "G" haplotype: they are Eclipse (1764, fam 12), Lexington (1850, fam 12-b),  and Commando (1898, fam 12-b).  Because questions have  been raised by historians regarding Eclipse's  dam line, and because Lexington's  dam line was considered so ill-documented  by the GSB at the turn of the  20th century that he and  all but a few of his descendants were barred from entry  in the GSB in 1913, additional testing of more horses descending  from  family 12 will be of great interest.

**fam  12-b, documentation: “Diana's documented progeny consists 

of two  fillies and two colts, the Jack of Diamonds mare is attributed  to her only by  tradition:
1762 f Snap Mare (GB) [Duke of  Kingston's/Wastell's] by  Snap
c1766 f Jack of Diamonds Mare by Jack of  Diamonds* (Des. incl. Lexington and Commando)
1767  bbr c Apollo [Spotswood's] by Fearnought*
c1770 f Diana  2nd  [Fitzhugh's] by Fearnought*
1775 ch c True Whig [Fitzhugh's]  by Regulus  [Fitzhugh's]

[Early American Turf Stock, i,  167-169]”

**fam 12-b, Additional Extrapolation of Diana: “Diana is the dam  of

Spotswood's  Apollo, the Cullen Arabian Mare noted above. The American Stud Book confuses Diana* with two other imported  mares, English John Bland's Duchess and  Benjamin Harrison's Cullen  Arabian Mare. Harrison thought that Diana* was the  grey Cullen  Arabian Mare owned and raced by the Duke of Kingston at Newmarket  in  1759. However, Diana* could not have been grey since her sire  Cullen Arabian was  brown and Grisewood's Lady Thigh was chestnut.  Also, none of Diana's foals,  whose colours are known, are said  to be grey, although she wasn't bred to any  grey stallions. Harrison  further attributed Lady Thigh to Crop, which, given the  confusion  surrounding the two sisters to Sampson, would be possible.
It would be convenient  to claim  that Crop is responsible since her color is nowhere to  be found. We have no idea  what she produced before or after Routh's  brief custodianship. However, if dates  are to be believed, Crop  would have produced a foal to the cover of Simon in  1739 where  her sister had produced a grey colt to Partner.
Since Grisewood's Lady Thigh is  mentioned  by name in the certificate for Diana*, the reference is probably  accurate. Lady Thigh produced in 1750 Miss Thigh, by Rib, a grey  mare who in  1756 produced a grey filly to the Cullen Arabian.  This Cullen Arabian filly has  no entry in the General Stud  Book as a broodmare, and there appears to be  no reference  to such a mare anywhere else. It is possible that the certificate  for Diana* lacks the crucial grey color due to a dropped cross,  that of Miss  Thigh. Diana* would be the Cullen Arabian filly.  Although there is no  documentation to support this, there is no  documentation to the contrary. If  true, this would also mean that  Harrison erroneously cited Crop as the dam of  Lady Thigh.”

Family 13 (J haplotype [4, 11, 13], "Royal mare”)

13 (Sedbury Royal Mare)

13-a (Rutilia)

13-b (Lady Sarah)

13-c (Stray Shot)

Alien Landscape, mare; Alydear, mare; Arctic Slew, colt; Change Of Command, filly; Change of Scenery, mare; Entita Aliena, filly; Escena, mare; Escena's Dance, filly; Escena's Slew, mare; Honest Mistake, colt; Kid Flash, colt; Magic Is Might, colt; Majestic Slayer, colt; Medieval Sorcerer, colt; Mermaid, filly; My Vienna, colt; Nazgul, colt; Orion, colt; Passing Scenery, filly; Perfect Picture, stud; Silence In Scene, colt; Sub A, colt; Sunny Outlook, filly; The Sequel, colt; Wekiva Slew, colt;

13-d (Tight-Fit)

13-e (Rattlewings)

**Type J 13 includes:Highflyer (13), Mr. Prospector (13-c),  Seattle Slew (13-c), Tourbillon (13-c)


Famly 14 (D haplotype, Oldfield Mare)

14 (Oldfield Mare)

14-a (Banter)

 Blue Hawaii, filly; Bonfire Legend, filly; Charming Lil, mare; Chateau Chambord, filly; French Mask, colt; Sovereign Sword, stud; Tout Charmant, mare;  

14-b (Admiration)

14-c (Pretty Polly)

 Swain, stud;

14-d (Berenice)

14-e (Bertha)

Assassin, colt; Enjoy the View, stud; Lycan, filly; Ninja, colt; Oh M Gee, filly; Scenic Bridle, colt; Scenic Quartz, colt; Scenic Route, mare; Scenic Sheba, mare; Scenic Sky, colt; Scene Stealer, colt; The Long Way, filly;

14-f (Honoria)


Family 15 (unk haplotype, “Royal Mare”)

15 (Royal Mare aka Dam of Grey Whynot)

15-a (Venus)

15-b (The Wryneck)

15-c  (Selima) (corrected to fam 21 in GSB)**

15-d (Regulus Mare)

**fam 15 formerly included Selima (1745, by Godolphin Arabian) as Tap Root mare for 15-c; this was due to erronneous pedigree. The discovery of her correct pedigree has resulted in her addition to fam 21 and the clearing of 15-c register.


Family 16 (F haplotype [fam 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 22]; **Lady Alice - H [fam 1])

16 (Stripling's Dam)

16-a (Miss Agnes)

16-b (descendants of Windermere by Macaroni)

 Congenial, stud; Gold Coast, colt; Lady Kay, mare; Lord Kayman, colt; Count Kane, colt; Kayson, colt; Kay's Heir, colt; Memcay, stud; Rewind, colt; Tricat, filly; Tyrant, colt;

16-c (descnedants of Little Agnes by The Cure)

 Gradient, colt; Maida Vale, filly; Perfect Arc, mare; Perfect Bell, mare; Perfect Goer, stud; Perfect King, stud; Runaway, stud; Smokey'sTheatrical, stud; Wolfhound, colt;

16-d (Wild Agnes)

16-e (Wild Duchess)

16-f (Queen Bee)

16-g (descendants of Polly Agnes by The Cure)

 Aptly Stunning, stud; Ashrose Wonder, mare; Bellfast Forever, colt; Big Easy, stud;   Bold N Fae, filly; Child of War, mare; Dallas Cowboys, colt; Evermore, filly; Fairy   Gold, mare; Fairy Isle, filly; Forest Dancer, stud; Forest Fae, mare; Jupiter, filly;    Radar Warning, stud; Rain Forest, colt; Recite, filly; Revengeiswonderful, colt;    Ricochet, filly; Run Forest Run, colt; Undertaker, colt; Verdict, colt; Warlord, colt;

16-h (Lily Agnes)

Barbaro, stud;

**Type F 16 includes: Sceptre, Ormonde, Bahram, Crepello, 2008 Eclipse winners Benny the Bull (16-a) and Midshipman (16-g),  and Plucky Liege
**Type H 16 includes: Ossian (1918), the 1928 1,000 Guineas winner  Scuttle, and the important American sire Broomstick (1901).  *Lady Alice may have been juxtaposed with Maid of the Glen (fam 1) *As Lady Alice does not have a designated branch she is included in 16-Stripling's Dam, however the pedigree of all horses decended from her are in question.


Family 17 (F haplotype [fam 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 22])

17-b (Biddy)

A Poker Challenge, colt; Believe In Magic, colt; Best Result, filly; Blood Red, colt; Golden Eye, colt; Handsome Bane, colt; Hourly Challenge, colt; In Seattle, colt; King of the Sea, colt; King Street, colt; Midas Touch, filly; Popular, colt; Pre Challenge, colt; Precious Elegance, mare; Precious Star, filly; Queen Street, mare; Red Hot Rebel, colt; Revision, colt; Rose, mare; Sea Of Streets, mare; Seattle Challenge, mare; Seattle Nash, stud; Shula, filly; Street Fighter, colt; Terra Rosa, colt; Urbane, mare; Vision, colt; Visionary, mare;

 **Type F 17 includes Yattendon, Omaha, Lyphard and Gallorette


Family 19 (K haplotype; **Violet - O, unique)

19 (Davil's Old Woodcock Mare)

19-a (Contessina, type K)

 Kotashaan, stud;

19-b (Constantia, type K)

 Blushing Approval, stud;

19-c (The Twinkle)

A15 (Miss Bell)

**type K 19 includes: Never Bend (1960, 19-b), Isonomy (1875, 19-a), Common (4-c), Isinglass (3-m), Gallinule (1884, 19-c), 2 time HotY Curlin (19-c), and Blushing K D (19-b)
**type O 19 includes: Gorgos (1902/3), Nebbiolo  (1974), Surefoot (1887) *O is unique haplotype *See also fam 4.


Family 20

20 (Daffodil's Dam)

Alleluia, mare; Carnegie Mist, mare; Eight Coronas, colt; Full Moon Curse, filly; Godspeed, colt; Irish Mist, colt; Miesque, mare; Mister Ken, colt; Mystikal, filly; Not Mistaken, filly; Saint Easy, colt;

20-a (Variety)

 Diascay, stud;

20-b (Escalade)

War Emblem, stud;

20-c (Palmflower)

20-d (Jennie Winkle)


** Fam 20 includes Fouardee (sire of PF Big N' Rich) and 2008 Eclipse winner (steeplechase) Good Night Shirt (20-a)




22-b (ECHO)

Accuracy, filly; Ansla Sax, colt; Cafeina, filly; Casual Storyteller, filly; Crowned Diamond, mare; Delitto Perfetto, colt; Disputatious, colt; Epicentro Sismico, colt; Excessive Arctic, colt; Excessive Midnight, colt; Excessive Revenge, colt; Excessive Queen, mare; Idiotic, colt; Jewel Thief, filly; Kiss and Tell, colt; Mister Trump, colt; Show and Tell, mare; Show Me, mare; Stowaway, colt;

**Family 22 includes British Champions Liston (1827, 1828, 1829 Oxfordshire Stakes, Fam 22), St Blaise (1883 Derby Stakes and 1890 USA Leading Sire, Fam 22-b) and St Frusquin (1896 Two Thousand Guineas Stakes and 1903 + 1907 GB Champion Sire, Fam 22-b).



Family 23 (Pipping Pegs Dam)

Arab Chief, colt; Arctic Fox, filly; Cesc, colt; Clever and Smart, colt; Clever Kenny, colt; Crown Prince, stud; Dancing Diva, filly; Essence Of Jewels, colt; Eterno, colt; Fox, mare; Jewel Princess, mare; Lady Of The Lake, filly; Maldini, mare; Mr. Winston, colt; Prince Stephen, colt; Regalo De Enrique, filly; She's Dancing, filly; Sicily, colt; Tower of Power, colt; Tricky Spelling, colt;


**Family 23 also includes Ruhlmann (1985-2008).


**Notes: Family 23

The earliest broodmare of Bruce Lowe's family 23 entered in the General Stud Book (GSB), appears on page 11 of the 5th, revised edition, of 1891, in the First Part.  The introductory paragraph of this section says:

"The following list of the earliest known mares, very few of which have been printed before as brood mares (though the substance has been given in the Miscellaneous Pedigrees at the end of earlier editions), are combined with the imported Eastern stallions, the source, with hardly any exception, of the whole of the so-called thorough-bred stock now existant..."

This mare's entry is given as
Got by Lister's Turk, out of the Duke of Kingston's *Piping Peg. 
   1709  b c  Brocklesby, by the Curwen Bay Barb  ...  Mr Curwen
    1711  ch f  Brocklesby Betty, by ditto  ...  Mr Curwen

* Piping Peg had also a sister to the Hobby mare, which was the dam in 1716 of Mr Pelham's Hip, by The Curwen Bay Barb.

A sister to Piping Peg had a filly by Hip, which was the dam of Sir A Hazlerigg's Ringtail Galloway, by The Curwen Bay Barb, which was dam in 1737 of Mr E O'Brien's Patch or Miss Patch, by Lord Halifax's Justice.  MISS PATCH was the dam in Ireland of Brutus, by Old England, and Patty, by Tim (son of Squirt).


Family 25 (Brimmer Mare)

Beerfest, colt; Blue Guitar, colt; Boomslang Dancer, colt; Celtic Cat, stud; Charity, mare; Charity Case, colt; Cities, colt; Contoof, mare; Contoof's Dancer, filly; Dusk Till Dawn, colt; English Sunset, mare; Eternity Road, filly; Floating, mare; Fortnightly, colt; Hatoof, mare;  Higher & Higher, colt; Imogen White, mare; Lady D'arbanville, mare; Luxor Temple, filly; Midnight Mist, colt; Monopolize, colt; Moving Mountains, colt; My Shout, colt; On The Hoof, mare; Running Water, filly; Short Circuit, colt; Slings and Arrows, filly; Solar Eclipse, colt; Street Cafe, colt; The Irregular, colt; Thuntoof, colt; Twilight Time, colt; Vitamin S, colt; Wicked Sunset, filly; White Satin, colt; White War, colt;


 Family 28 (Place's White Turk Mare)

Believer, colt; Cavalier Sprint, colt; Charlot Ville, filly;  Chesapeake, mare; Chesapeake Bay, stud; Crowley Magic, colt; Dane Mars, mare; Foreigner, filly; Grim Reaper, colt; No Friends, stud; Peaken on Patrol, stud; Sunday Rose, mare; Thunder Mars, colt;

**Family 28 includes 1932 Coronation Cup Winner Salmon Leap.

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