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Zee to Zee (USA, 2012)

Show Name: CF Zee to Zee
Barn Name: Zee
Sex: Stallion
Color: Buckskin (wild Bay + single Cream)
Markings: none
DNA: E_-A+_-CR/n
Gait: -/-
Eyes: Brown
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Registry: EV Quarter Horse (racing) (ES)
Registration: 0212
Registry: CPHS
Registration: C00003
Registry: ES Hunter Jumper Club
Registration: 00020
Registry: SIMquestrians
Registration: Stock Breed - #4
Registry: SIMquestrians
Registration: Show Jumping - #10
Registry: DHS Buckskin (ES)
Registration: Registry Closed
Owner: Circle F Farms
Breeder: Circle F Farms, CAP 18 May 2012
Exchange able: No
Status: Active (Stallion)
Recorded Offspring: 0

Traits: quiet, agile, brave


Jumping Skill: 6/10

Jumps Attempted:
Poor Jumps:
Perfect Jumps:


Racing Skill: x/10

Meters Galloped:
Hours Training:



Zee is CAP by Circle F Farms as part of our Horse Saga-to-TS3 conversion.
Zee is the twin brother of Zillion To One. He excels over fences and is beginning to show an affinity for the races, as well.
Zee's only "vice" is that he will not tolerate a noseband. He goes quite well without one, though.

Amy is his regular rider, though he has been seen cozying up to Bryan.

Due to the Wild Bay phenotype being a fairly new development in genetic research circles, and still not well understood, EVQH has registered him as a Champagne rather than the Cream that he actually is.


trying out a noseband; he still doesn't like them, but at least he's getting better about it.

Community Shows:

(ES) May 2012: Beginning Hunter - All-breed, hosted by CF @ Facebook - Schooling
(ES) May 2012: Queenstown Spring X-Country Trials - All-Breed, hosted by Shoreline Hill Stables - Did Not Place
(ES) June 2012: Hunter/Jumper, Beg/Pleasure Hunt - All-Breed, hosted by Dawn Rise EC - Did Not Place
(ES) July 2012: Hunter/Jumper, Open Hunter U/S + O/F - All Breed, hosted by SRE - Did Not Place

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