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Circle F Farms

Welcome to the stables of Circle F!

All CF mares and young stock can be found in Barn 1.
Stallions and Geldings can be found in Barn 2.
Horses available for sale are stabled in Barn 3.

The Guest Barn is for stabling horses that don't belong to Circle F. Mares here for breeding to our stallions,
horses of all ages and genders here to be trained for another stable, and horses belonging to friends that are just visiting can all be found here.

Please note the following regarding registrations of our horses:

Pending means we have applied, but not yet received confirmation of acceptance. Horses who have been resubmitted or who's denial is on appeal will also show this.

In Transit means the horse has been accepted, but the papers have not yet been received by Circle F.

Denied or Not Eligible have been refused by the registry and will have a comment indicating the reason.

All barns are equipped with security features and are adjoined by paddocks.


Mares and Foals Under Redesign
Stallions Updated
Cemetery Under Construction

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