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-- Season 3 --

Track Record

Photo Album

The Lady Racers of 2013

Light Touch, Livewire, Sundance, Millenium Tower (L to R)

Brotherly Love

Perfect Charmer and Bluegrass Thorn

Guess Who!

Yearlings Summer and Sassy having some fun - They grow up so darned fast!


On his way to the trailer for his first CF start


At Shenandoah

Breeding Season 2013



The Broodmares of 2013

Welcome to the Team!

Light Touch welcoming Unforgiv'n to the "big girls" paddock (aka the 2014 Race String)

Tour Guide

Scrapbook Main
Main Office (Circle F home)
Barn 1: Yearlings
Barn 2: Racers
Barn 3: Breeding Shed
Barn 4: Stallion Barn
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