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-- Season 2 --

Track Record

Photo Album

From the Archives: Revotic's baby picture

Bloodstock manager working overtime, again, but the Boss doesn't mind so much this time.
She found Rev's original JC app with this pic attached and the boss was thrilled.

File Photo: Swain

Sire of our First winner Swain's Gold (ex Worldwide Elsie)

File Photo: Swain's stud halter

Nana Junebug

"babysitting" Perfect Charmer so Tout Charmant can take a nap


Ain't Whisperwood the lucky one to get this handsome fellow?

Bluegrass Thorn

First warm day and off he went

Perfect Summer

No more babysitting for others now that Junebug's baby is here

Mother and child

Junebug and Summer

I Hear Voices

PG's youngest son to date - Daddy's little man

Prince Stephen

Rev's "uncle" - Our first foal.

The Boys 2012

Cop, Thunder, and Goldie wondering what all the ruckus is at Barn 3...and wondering where breakfast is

First Steps aka "All the rukus at Barn 3"

Unforgiv'n stands for the first time

First Day Outside

"Sassy" enjoying the sun (beside Rev)

"No, kid, I am not your momma"

Marscay's Princess and Unforgiv'n

Weaning Time!

Summer and Sassy enjoying their new-found freedom

Every Rose has its Thorn

Rose and Bluegrass Thorn sayng goodbye

Winning Colors' Shoe
Dam of Sire of Copacabana

[img placeholder]
Just off the trailer and away she goes...let's hope she hits the track the same way

[img placeholder]
Princess checking out the new arrivals

Bombed Out

"Bomber" enjoying his new home after shipping in from EV

Bomber surveying his new domain

Millenium Tower
[img placeholder]
"Millie" touring her new paddock

[img placeholder]
Taking his first look around his new home

[img placeholder]
All decked out for her first CF training session

Truly Bound Handicap 3 Jan 2012

Potofgold (outside), Our Maiden, Inspiration (hood), and Vigilant (rail) at the break.

Heatherlie HDCP 28 Jan 2012

Thunder trying mightily at the half - injury and all

G2 San Felipe Stks 17 Mar 2012

Swain's Gold for CF's first check of the season, first ever win, and first 6-digit payday.

G1 Kentucky Derby 5 May 2012

Swain's Gold, off a step late and never fired for 10th of 12

Starter Allowance at Shenandoah 22 Sept 2012

Our Maiden for an 8.35 length win in the slop - and a 5-digit payday!

Breeding Season

File Photo: Skip Away in his heyday

Winning the 1997 BC Classic (photo courtesy Hopewell Farm)

File Photo: Java Gold

File Photo: Swain

in Ireland

Skip Away
[img placeholder]
At home (Hopewell Farm)

Roll of Thunder
[img placeholder]
Thunder eyeing Eight Pack and wondering if she'll be comming his way

File photo
[img placeholder]
Milwaukee Brew, sire of Eight Pack

Skim the Hill

Showing off for the ladies (Rev was smitten instantly)

The 2012 Mares

Eight Pack, Justice, Maiden, Magnolia, and Smart and Pride (L to R)

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