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-- Season 1 --

Track Record

Photo Album

The boys of Circle F - 2011

Goldie, PG, Enigma...and Cop being crazy

The "Grande Dame" at the end of her fist day at Circle F

Revotic, in her first CF work

Swain's Gold at home

Enigma in his new "house" ~~~~~ PG enjoying his paddock


Time to go to work!

Enigma Trailride

"Goldie" being his handsome self


One of the grooms let her niece "braid" his mane...

~~~~~ Rev in her new paddock ~~~~~~~ PG getting a much hated bath ~~

Swain's Gold

Snoozin' in the Summer bluegrass

Cop in the big field

Find the horsey...

Enigma haveing a good roll

Goldie in a cute candid

Perfect Goer overlooking the broodmare field

...and wondering where the mares are at

Swain's Gold doing what he does best... the 90+ degree Kentucky Summer

Photog had a crush on Cop's jockey...

Aaaaand doooowwwnn the stretch they come....

Goldie (outside), Enigma, and Rev (rail) in a between-races
exhibition workout with some friends and some 'borrowed' jocks


...Makin' it count on the rail

Truly Bound HDCP, post parade 3 Jan 2011

Revotic (green and gold silks) before her first CF start

Chou Croute HDCP 22 Feb 2011

Revotic (#4) getting her heart broke by eventual winner Bali Formal (#3)

Concept Sports Stakes 25 Feb 2011

In the walking ring before Enigma's first CF start - and first CF check!

Allowance Stakes at Shenandoah Downs 26 Feb 2011

Cop's third lifetime start; first try on turf. Part of the 2011 Global Challenge Series

G2 Moir Stakes 8 Mar 2011
turf race 2
Enigma battled to 3rd in a Field of 14 with PSR=101.

Allowance Stakes at Shenandoah Downs 26 Mar 2011

Less than 0.16 off Track Record time earned Rev's first 5-digit payday for CF

Post-race: 22 Apr 2011 Durbridge Stakes

Enigma came back hurt so he stayed home Derby weekend

G3 Standish HDCP 26 May 2011

Enigma (mid-pack here) battled hard, but was outclassed

Golden Sylvia HDCP 17 June 2011

Revotic (in front, for the moment) before getting passed by
Rave (win, outside) and The Reflex (place, rail) to take third

G3 Sanford Stakes, post parade 21 July 2011
Almost there
Copacabana's first try at The Big Time

G2 Phar Lap Stakes 7 Aug 2011

Enigma in his paddock after battling to second
and earning Circle F's largest purse to date.

G2 KY Jockey Club 19 Nov 2011

Swain's Gold duking it out for second

31 Dec 2011

Our Maiden joins the CF family

Breeding Season 2011

Junebug seems to like it here; she'll meet PG tomorrow

Are you my mommy?

Jewel Princess had a surprise in her paddock...she was disappointed to have to give it back

The Morning After...

Poor Rose; I told PG to have her back by 8

Baby Greyhound and Exotic Springs

They were so cute I just had to pause for a pic

Tout Charmant

Isn't she lovely? PG is climbing the rails to get at her...

Revotic, happily in foal to Rivendell's Big N' Rich

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