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Sale Barn

Horses available For Sale

This barn contains a mix of Stock; some are unsuitable for our plans, others we are simply willing to part with.

To the right home, even horses not listed in this barn may be available.

Horses available that do not yet have a profile:

TBD foal, cream - CF Golden Boy x CF Wild Heart, full sibling to CF Sunshine
TBD foal - CF-bred Unicorn
CF Midnight Wanderer, Black Splash - Arab-cross mare caught wild in Equestria

Sales Rules:

All the usual stuff applies:

-Keep the CF brand, you many add your brand to it.
-If the horse is Registered (or pending) then you can not change the registered name, however you may call it whatever you wish.
-If the horse is not registered and you later find a registry then you may paper it however you wish; you do need to keep the CF in the name, however.
-No changing the color/layers/DNA/breed/conformation, however you may fatten them up and/or change the style of the mane/tail.
-The only exceptions to the color rule are Grey and Varnish as these horses will eventually go completely white with age and should be gradually adjusted to reflect that.
-I do not follow a First Come rule for sales; I select the best home based on what's put in the request and on the relationship I have with the applicant (if any). Yes, that means good friends and established stables get first crack, but polite grovelling if you see a horse you simply MUST have won't hurt any (and might even help).
-If you later sell the animal, please drop us a note so we can continue to follow how it's doing. We request a First Buyback option, but we do not demand it.

and some not so usual:

-Screenshots of our horses being active in your game are appreciated. Shots may be sent via email or posted to FB. I will not repo the horse if you don't update me, but I may become less likely to sell to you down the line.
-There are no restrictions on Community Affiliation - as long as you promise to play the horse and take good care of it I don't care if you're a Top 10 on Equus or a backyard independent.
-A stable site is not required for purchase, though it does help.
-I keep an archive of every sim (horse, human, and other) on a second hard drive in case of disasters. If you have a CF horse and the worst happens please do not hesitate to contact us for a restore (then the worst you will have lost is trained skills). I also keep an archive of horses that I purchase from others then re-sell, just in case.

There is no actual application for our sale horses. You may contact us through the Sims3 Pets FB group or through Farm email at ladyjamalthia at aol dot com.

Fillies and Mares

Prairie SOLD
Misty SOLD
Mystere SOLD
Ghastly Lass SOLD
unnamed Haflinger SOLD
unnamed Buckskin QH SOLD
Framed in Red SOLD
Special Dark SOLD
Aasifa CF

Colts and Stallions

Wild Silver
Dark Knight SOLD
Vittorioso CF SOLD

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