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Track Pack - Sister Hazel

My favorite band. How can anyone not love a band that actually encourages free sharing of their stuff? They even dropped their former label in a dispute over that.

Hazelnutz rock All For You, Baby!!

Sister Hazel:
Ken Block (lead vocals)
Andrew Copeland
Ryan Newell (guitar)
Jeff Beres
Mark Trojanowski

Even if you don't know their name, I'll bet you do know their sound:

All For You (original Music Video)
Warning: if you have photo-sensitive epilepsy then you may want to avoid this one as it gets a little "flashy".

All For You (AOL Sessions 2003 Video)

so even the seizure patients can watch ;)

Best I'll Ever Be - Piano Acoustic (Fan video)

Very well done. I really liked it even if it's not an "official" release.

Surprise, surprise...Direct from The Rock Boat VIII...Meet:

Guns 'n' Hazel

Sweet Child of Mine feat. Aslyn

Anyone who's played GH knows how brutal this song is....
Go, Ryan, Go!!

Patience/Welcome to the Jungle

Seen on YouTube comments:

Ken out Axel's Axel :D

Don't believe me?....Then scroll on down 'cause...

You in da punchline, baby ;)
The Making of Guns 'n' Hazel

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