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Sunshine (USA, 2012)

Show Name: CF Sunshine
Barn Name: Dawn
Sex: filly
Color: Buckskin Splash (wild Bay + Splash White + single Cream)
Markings: star, stripe, LH broken sock, LF/RF/RH stocking, white tail, pinto, KSMH brand left thigh
DNA: EE-A+_-CR/n-SW/n
Gait: -/-
Eyes: dark brown
Breed: Anglo/wild APH
Registry: Anglo (as half-Anglo) (ES)
Registration: 0027 (per Registry log, papers show #21)
Registry: KSMH (Non-Gaited)
Registration: AKM0002-APPROVED
Registry: LSS Pintabian (ES)
Registration: Pending
Registry: ISHR (Pinto) (ES)
Registration: 012
Registry: CPHS
Registration: C0005
Registry: SIMquestrians
Registration: Light Breed - #7
Registry: EA Part-bred Arab (25%) (ES)
Registration: (n/a since half-Anglo)
Registry: RHS American Paint (ES)
Registration: Denied (part-Arab)
Sire: CF Golden Boy, Perlino, AngloArab, Fast/Agile/Genius
Dam: CF Wild Heart, Bay Splash Sabino Frame, wild pinto, Obedient/Genius/Noisy
Owner: Circle F Farms
Breeder: Circle F Farms, 28 March 2012
Exchange able: No
Status: active (mare)
Recorded Offspring: 0

CF Sunshine
Buckskin Splash
CF Golden Boy
CF Wild Heart
Bay Sabino Splash Frame
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Traits: Fast, Genius, Untrained, Agile


Jumping Skill: 4/10

Jumps Attempted: x
Poor Jumps: x
Perfect Jumps: x


Racing Skill: 3/10

Meters Galloped: x
Hours Training: x



Dawn is the second homebred foal for Circle F. She was foaled a day early at 9:40PM as Tina was schooling Goldy over jumps.
A very sweet foal, her breeding was an attempt to get a Buckskin Overo colt for another stable.
As nice as she is we have no qualms about repeating the pairing.

There are some questions about how to register her (half-Anglo or 25% Part-Bred Arab). Once all the snarls are straightened she will be evaluated for suitability to satisfy our herd goals.
Update: Dawn has been accepted as "half-Anglo" though any foals she has will likely need to be submitted to Part-bred Arab.

Make it 9! Just at her 4th birthday I discovered she meets the 25% Arabian blood rule for LandShark's Pintabian registry. I don't know if he'll accept Splash White as a pinto gene, but her cross-list with ISHR (and mom being APH) can't hurt matters any. An application will be sent shortly. Even if Dawn is accepted by Pintabian, her foals will not be eligible unless the stud is at least 25% Arabian.

Given the bloodstock/template standards as published by LSS, her Arabian bloodstock would be of the Shagya strain.

Genetic notes: Splash is known to cause white in the tail. She seems to be of a lighter shade, as well, now that she's grown; not uncommon to see an adult coat of a differing shade to that of the foal though generally the adult coat is somewhat darker.


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