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Double Digit (USA, 2012)

Show Name: CF Double Digit
Barn Name: Digit
Sex: Mare
Color: Uni White
Markings: socks
DNA: __-Ww
Gait: -/-
Eyes: Gold
Breed: Unicorn
Registry: RFE Unicorn Registry
Registration: A0026
Owner: Circle F Farms
Breeder: wild, gentled 4 March 2012
Exchange able: No
Status: Active (Adult)
Recorded Offspring: 0

Traits: Quiet, agile, brave, fast
LTR: Fearless Foals, Lucky Mount


Jumping Skill: 10/10

Jumps Attempted: 37
Poor Jumps: 0
Perfect Jumps: 37

Racing Skill: 10/10

Meters Galloped: 18,7333.99
Hours Training: 3.51


Digit was gentled in the wild; it took two attempts. She came from the same herd as Heart, Silver, Dani, and Prairie.
It should be noted that Digit is our first wild Uni.

Digit "recruited" Andy to help at the farm and she quickly became his best friend.
In teaching him to ride it was determined that she would make an excellent lesson horse,
thus that is now her primary role at Circle F.


Digit in the wild (Digit is in the distance, Heart can be seen with Tina in the foreground)

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(ES) Summer 2012: Western Pleasure - All Breed, hosted by Day Break Valley EC - Did Not Place

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