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Mare Shed

The Broodmare and Foal Barn. AKA "The Nursery." You may look, but please do not touch as some mommas and babies can be a bit nervous.

Please do not feed the lovely ladies in residence as they are on carefully prescribed diets. Nutrition is vitally important to a broodmare and any treats must be pre-approved through the shed manager and the farm vet.

Barn undergoing Redesign: April 2014

Latest Mare News:

An amazing band of mares complimented by the best stallions we could find gives us mighty hope for the future.

New foals come in as the summer band ages up.
Sunshine, Dawn Till Dusk, Midnight Sky, and Jazzmeena will be moving in with the big girls as Orange Crush and S. Juci transfer into the stud barn.

Taking their places will be fillies Royal Treasure, Lots of Secret Spots, Urvogel, Mystic Lore, Take My Dream, and yearling Heart of Stone. Colts Star-Crossed Lover, Trick or Treat, Gilt Trippant, Hearts Afire, and Galactic Explosion will go directly into the Stud barn, for space-sake - lack of which is compounded by the addition of NINE new mares. We're still in the market and on the look-out for special stock so there will likely be more horses added to our herd in the coming weeks.

Our first full public foal crop is merrily in progress with seven mares either booked or already in foal to our Frisian stallion BKR Black Beards Curse. Once all the foals have dropped the crop will be sorted into the appropriate barns.

Captain's "band" includes CF Marked for Success, CF Silver N Gold, CF Designated Doll, Alegra, CF Gaits of Heaven, and Almia.
Almia's filly, Aasifa, and Alegra's colt, Vittorioso, can be found in the Sale Barn.

Belle is starting to show her age and it's apparent that her days with us are numbered. She was our first horse and it is with great trepidation that we prepare for her passing. The only consolation is the prospect of bringing along her clone.

I am very sad to report that we have lost Belle. She went very suddenly and we did not have enough time to get her to the Clone lab.
Her profile will be moved to the Cemetery just as soon as it's prepared.
An archive of Belle was logged by the game. Will post updates as this situation develops

Crime Scene's trailer is long overdue and we are more than a bit concerned. We are trying to get in touch with Vanderburg to see if they've heard anything. Will post updates as we know more.

Broods and Fillies

Broodmare Barn
ADS Mystic Lore
CHF Midnight Sky
EV Dawn Till Dusk
PI Jazzmena
CF Royal Treasure
ADS Heart of Stone
CP CF Urvogel
BKR Lots of Secret Spots
*WRS* Take My Dream (Unicorn)
LRE Livia

Unbred Mares (Showing, maiden, barren, etc)

CF Zillion To One
VSH Crime Scene
CF Sunny Daze
SER Silver Elegance
CF Sunshine
CF Snowball
Dapple Dots
Double Digit (Unicorn)
Moon Kissed (Unicorn)
Nightshade (Unicorn)
Lady Amalthea (Unicorn)
Dany O Day (Unicorn)

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