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KY Spotted Mountain Horse

Certified Breeds

Here find the Registry of all papered KSMH in the SIMply Equine and affiliated communities.

BE ADVISED: The Books are in the process of being updated to reflect the published research regarding the DMRT3 gene mutation. All Registered animals who have been observed to perform the ambling gait Rack will henceforth be considered CERTIFIED. All Registered animals who do not Rack and do not perform any other amble gaits will henceforth be considered APPROVED. All Registered Animals who perform an Amble gait other than the Rack and do not Rack shall keep their current Declaration. All Registered animals shall be subject to a re-inspection of conformation for suitability to Main Book inclusion. If your horse's book is changed you will be notified. In case we can not locate a valid farm email for the current owner all changes will also be posted on our stable blog and in the CPHS/KSMH FB group,

Whether a horse is entered into the Main book or the Appendix is dependent upon it's pedigree, conformation, and foal record. A horse initially entered to the Appendix may be upgraded to the Main book later on; such an upgrade will be based on the animal's Characteristics Upon Maturity (if initially registered as a foal), Show Record, Produce Registration Record, and the Show Records of any foals produced as applicable.

Within each book are the following categorical headers:

Header: Status

CERTIFIED: Denotes Full Breeding Privileges. To receive CERTIFIED declaration a horse MUST be able to Rack. Offspring of these horses are always welcome, though if the cross is of a horse not at least APPROVED then the foal may be subject to Appendix entry or Denial. For all intents and purposes, CERTIFIED horses (including Registered members of the Certified Breeds) are considered to be true KSMH.

APPROVED: These horses are APPROVED to breed and their foals will at least be Appendix-eligible subject to III.3-4 and IV.5.a-b. If a Racking foal is produced from the mating of two APPROVED horses then that foal may be eligible for CERTIFIED declaration.

PENDING: Horses who are accepted for Registration, but have not yet completed the process. They will be assigned a Book and a Registration ID number and will be noted with the appendix of -C or -A (for CERTIFIED or APPROVED) as per Sections II-IV.

BANNED: Subject to Sections II and IV and V.1.I.A.iii - BANNED horses are those who's handler have committed a grievous fault against the KSMH By-Laws. 2nd Generation ("grandfoals") and later produce of such horses may be submitted for re-inclusion to the KSMH books. *This is a Registration ONLY restriction; BANNED stock are not excluded from breeding though their first generation produce will also be subject to the Registration Ban (BAN2).

FAILED: These horses, usually colts though fillies are also subject, have been found not to have met the breed standard subject to IV.1-5. These horses are almost always the product of an Appendix cross and are marked as per IV.5 and IV.5b1. Once neutered the horse may be resubmitted for inclusion in the Gelding Book and shall receive a new declaration pertinent to Sections II and IV.

Foals which are the product of a FAILED KSMH may not be accepted into the KSMH books, though they and their FAILED parent may be eligible elsewhere. Should your FAILED KSMH receive approval at another registry please notify us and we shall alter our books accordingly.

Header: Gait

This section denotes whether a Registered horse is capable of performing the Rack or not. Horses who fail inspection as per Section II.4.a-b (specifically a.3 and b.3) shall have the Gait in question listed in this column.

This section indicates if the horse is able to perform an amble gait thus indicating the presence of the DMRT3 gene mutation. If a horse has the mutation any observed gaits shall be noted herein. Note that the Rack is the preferred amble gait for this Registry.


As of 18 June 2013 these declarations are no longer Valid.

Header: Status

TEMPORARY: All foals will hold TEMPORARY papers until they submit for Inspection after their 2nd birthday.

EXPIRED: Subject to Section II - Horses holding TEMPORARY papers who are found to be showing under saddle and/or who have been bred shall have their declaration altered to EXPIRED. At such time as the horse is submitted for Inspection that declaration will be adjusted. Foals bred while the parents are subject to this regulation shall be themselves subject to Section IV of the KSMH By-Laws. Horses who have attained the age of four (4) years as measured by Equus-Sims [4 months IRL] without having been submitted for Inspection shall also have their declaration altered to EXPIRED.

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