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KY Spotted Mountain Horse

Certified Breeds

By-laws UPDATED 18 June 2013

Welcome to the Kentucky Spotted Mountain Horse registry homepage for the TS3 Community at large.
This Registry is Officially endorsed by SIMply Equine and affiliated with SIMquestrians.

Here we strive to improve the breed by upholding all representatives to an ideal befitting this majestic breed. Here find the Accepted Breeds listing and below find all relevant links.

KSMH Approved Breeds Listing

Approved for Cross-Breeding without Inspection
(considered to be KSMH even without KSMH papers)

American Saddlebred (rack, slow gait, foundation breed of KMH)
Rocky Mountain (rack, foundation breed of KMH)
National Show Horse (slow gait, rack, foundation breed of KMH)
Racking horse (rack)
Asturcon (Iberian) (rack)

Requires Inspection - Gaited

All other gaiting breeds

Requires Inspection - Non-Gaited

All breeds (except as below)

Not Accepted for Cross **Under Review**

Paso (Fino and Peruvian)
FL Cracker
Missouri Fox Trotter
Mangalaga Marchador
Draft breeds (Clyde, etc)

Why is it that some horses can Gait and others can not?

The short answer: In 2012 research was published by two distinct groups (in two completely separate countries, too!) announcing the discovery of the Gaiting Gene. This gene mutation has been documented in multiple breeds including American Quarter Horse, Saddlebred, Morgan, Tennessee Walking Horse, and others. If a horse inherits the mutation then it will be able to perform gaits outside of the traditional walk, trot/jog, and canter/lope including Running Walk, Rack, Singlefoot Pace, traditional Pace, Paso Largo, and more.

"A single base change in DMRT3 which resulted in the production of a truncated form of the DMRT3 protein, is the mutation associated with pacing in horses. The team developed a diagnostic test for the mutation and discovered that it is widespread among horses that show alternate gaits like the Tennessee Walking Horse in the U.S. or the Paso Fino in South America. The gene also seems very prevalent in horses bred for harness racing." Source article linked HERE.

Capital Genetics details on DMRT3 protein testing

UCDavis details on testing for the mutation
and list of breeds it has been confirmed in

In light of this new genetic development the Approved Breeds listing for KSMH will be undergoing an adjustment. The previous criteria was whether a gaited animal could perform the Rack; now we know they ALL can and whether they actually do perform it or not depends on their individual training.

To Register Your Horse:

Please copy the following Application and send to ladyjamalthia at aol dot com [format to avoid spambots] apologies for the typo; addy has been corrected - CF, 4 June 2012

Please post the required images to your horse's profile page. If you do not have a stable site built, yet, you may submit through the FB Group (link below) or establish an album for the horse at photobucket (or similar site). If you are unable to use either method please let us know and we will assist you with an alternate submission route.

Please use a short enough mane so that we may clearly view all markings and the withers. If the mane and tail are of differing colors please note that fact.

For Gender please use Stallion or Mare if mature, Colt or Filly if foal, and Geld or Spay if neutered.


Your Name (owner of the horse):
Your Email:
Your website:
Link (url) to the profile/album of the horse you wish to register:
Your Stable's Name (if applicable):
Registered Name of the horse you wish to Register:
Breed (bloodstock) of Horse to Register (if known/registered):
Is the Horse Registered elsewhere (state Breed and Registry)?
Gender of the horse you wish to register:
Your Horse's Traits (required):
Original Breeder of Horse:
Sire of the horse you wish to register:
Sire's Breed and Registration Number (If Applicable):
Dam of the horse you wish to register:
Dam's Breed and Registration Number (If Applicable):
Does the horse Gait?
If Gaited which Gaits does it perform:
Have you read the Breed Standards?

Once registered your horse becomes eligible to be branded. Find the Official KSMH Registry Brand in our Custom Content area (link below).

An Official KSMH Breed Template is currently in development.

About Kentucky

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Circle F Main Office (Home Page)
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