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Custom Content

Here find links to all the CC used at our farm.

Many thanks to those at Equus-Sims, and the associated stables, as they made the majority of what we use.

Some ES content, MTS, TSR, and the Exchange require a free registration to access.

Links marked with * are in the process of being updated.

Links verified 8 Sep 2013.

COMING SOON: KSMH Breed Template (in homo-prl, too!)

Circle F Main Office

Equus-Sims Network

ES general TS3 downloads
kaleeko Tumblr
Morning Star Eq @ ES
Greyridge Stables downloads
Dawnwind Manor coats (incl prl, CR, CH)
Rainbow of Coats (includes Cream)
Silver Dragon Estates
Thunder Ridge (pull across from left)
Lakeside Ranch Saddlery
Spotted Acres
ASB and TWH templates @ NFE
3 Morgan templates @ FSS

Other Sources

The TS3 Exchange
Elina's Equine
Arian Equine (DBV)

Specific Content - Direct Downloads

KSMH Brand by GRS
Saddleseat mane by MSE
Rack pose by DRE
Gaited Bridle by MSE