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Breeding Season 2014 is almost upon us and everyone (us included) is scrambling to pair up. End-of-season retirements always result in a rework of books and this year promises a flurry of such.

Here find studs and mares (and maybe babies, after foaling night arrives), grouped by pairing.

Please walk softly as breeding time is often charged with hormones as well as excitement.

***NOTE: All Foal Names Are TENTATIVE Until Approved By Steward At Registration and Are Subject To Change Without Notice At Any Time***

The 2014 Circle F Pairings

Bellum Civile

by (Circle F) Civil War x Bumbelina


by (Circle F) Roll of Thunder ex (Circle F) Millenium Tower

Silverlake Slip

by (Circle F) Copacabana ex (Circle F) Our Maiden

Just Desserts

by (Circle F) Perfect Goer ex (Circle F) Revotic

Slew A Star

by (Circle F) Seattleswale ex Showella

Spirit of Florida

by (Circle F) Bombed Out ex (Circle F) Sundance

Eye Never Sleep

by (Circle F) Likable American ex (Circle F) Perfect Affair

Lemniscate (c)/Sweet Sixteen (f)

by (Oak Tree) Octagonal Waltz ex (Circle F) Eight Pack

Bold Diamond (c)/Powers Mirage (f)

by High Chaparral ex Piavonic

Royal Avenger

by (Spartan) Retribution x Affaire Royale

The 2014 Outside Pairings

Whisperwood: TBD

by (Circle F) Seattleswale ex TBD

Pacific Belles: TBD

by (Circle F) Civil War x TBD

Golden Acres: TBD

by (Circle F) Civil War x TBD

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