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Breeding Season 2012 is almost upon us and everyone (us included) is scrambling to pair up. End-of-season retirements always result in a rework of books and this year promises a flurry of such.

Here find studs and mares (and maybe babies, after foaling night arrives), grouped by pairing.

Negotiations for Martika have been placed on hold as Snowbank decided to use her this year, however next season may be an option and we remain hopeful. All prize winners have elected option and we await word on when they may be sending their lovelies our way. Prize breeds include: Raja (Winner of PF Survivor #3). Olmo Dorato and FDL (Picking Winners 2011, 1st and 2nd), and Chiquita (2011 GC).

Please walk softly as breeding time is often charged with hormones as well as excitement.

***NOTE: All Foal Names Are TENTATIVE Until Approved By Steward At Registration and Are Subject To Change Without Notice At Any Time***

The 2012 Circle F Pairings

Double Down

by (Circle F) Perfect Goer ex (Circle F) Eight Pack

Cajun Sunrise

by (Circle F) Perfect Goer ex Magnolia by Talinum

Gangadhar Rao

by (Bally Doyle) Skim The Hill ex (Circle F) Revotic

Skip A Roo

by Skip Away ex (Circle F) Marscay's Princess


by (Circle F) Roll of Thunder ex (Whisperwood) Justice


by (Circle F) Bombed Out ex (Circle F) Our Maiden

The 2012 Outside Pairings

JD Kayll: Anzac Fightback

by (Circle F) Bombed Out ex (Whisperwood) Devil's Halo

Pacific Belles: Smart Goer

by (Circle F) Perfect Goer ex (Pacific Belles) Smart and Pride

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